v0.2.0 Release Notes
Posted on November 11, 2017 in Uncategorized   |   Comments: Off

New features:

* The old website content, style and layout were migrated to new template-based engine (released in v0.1.0)
* Re-designed sections such as the top navigation bar
* Integrated Bootstrap in new layout
* Added a "carousel" section to the homepage

Known issues:

* The contact form has been disabled until v1.0.0, where its implementation will be complete
* Several links and images throughout the website may not work or represent the current state of a project
* An issue wherein when a page has less content than the height of the window, the footer does not stick to the bottom 😖
* An issue wherein certain pages are not responsive enough or look terrible on mobile devices (for example, the contact page)
* Blog comments are unavailable at this time

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