My name is Alpeche and I am a Test Engineer at Adastral Park.

What I do

I am a Software Test Engineer for a small software development company based at Adastral Park, Suffolk. I am studying part-time for my BSc Computer Games Programming degree at the University of Suffolk. During my little spare time, I like to work on my game development projects, as well as this website. My other interests in computing include operating systems, networking and artificial intelligence.

Some of the hobbies I enjoy are gaming, playing bass guitar, going to concerts and travelling. One day, I want to move to Canada.
If you wish, you can drop a follow on my Twitter.

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My projects

Project "Redhawk" is this website. In 2014, I released its first version, but didn't continue maintaining it regularly due to other workload. In 2017, I finally picked up the project again and decided to rewrite it. The previous version had a template based engine written in JavaScript, and some CSS to deal with different sized screens. This new version has a template based engine written in PHP, based on Wordpress but much more lightweight, and uses the Bootstrap framework for its layout and responsiveness across multiple devices.

I am also working on a C++ game engine built using SFML. I've submitted a first version of this engine for an University assignment and was graded a first. Currently, a lot more work is required to make it good! The repository can be found here.

You can find out more about my experience, skills and qualities by requesting a CV. Alternatively, feel free to contact me!